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The Sumitomo Densetsu Co. Ltd.’s Corporate Philosophy is to create a favorable environment supporting a prosperous and secure society. Following this, Sumisetsu Philippines Inc. actively promotes sustainability to earn the trust of customers, shareholders, and society. We aim to contribute to a sustainable society and increase corporate value through fair and transparent management in harmony with society and the environment. Adhering to this philosophy, Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc. actively promotes sustainability through the following guidelines:

  • Reducing the environmental impact across its business activities, products, and services while expanding into low-impact business fields.
  • Prioritizing trust and technology to deliver high-quality engineering services that ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Strengthening its business foundation and extending its reach in overseas markets.
  • Upholding human rights and diversity, striving to create a safe and fulfilling workplace.
  • Promoting fair business practices with a strong emphasis on compliance and ensuring transparency through appropriate corporate information disclosure.   
Annual Thanksgiving

The Company anniversary at Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc. is a meaningful occasion aimed at fostering camaraderie and unity among its employees. It serves as a platform to commemorate the successes and hurdles faced throughout the year, reinforcing the company’s mission. Recognizing that employees are the cornerstone of the organization, this event provides an opportunity to honor and commend them for their dedication and diligence.

Caring for the Planet

Tree planting stands as a vital endeavor aimed at restoring and safeguarding our planet’s greenery. This practice serves a crucial role in combatting climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, preventing soil erosion, fostering biodiversity, and creating habitats for diverse species. Collaborating with the local community, Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc. contributes to society through a range of initiatives, including tree planting

Urban Indoor Garden

Hydroponic indoor gardening initiatives stand at the forefront of innovative and sustainable agriculture, revolutionizing plant cultivation by eschewing soil and embracing nutrient-rich water solutions. At Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc., we recognize the potential of indoor farming to not only address food security challenges but also to empower communities, promote local food production, and foster a deeper connection between individuals and their food sources. Together, we’re shaping a more sustainable and bountiful future through hydroponic indoor gardening initiatives.

Sports Tournament

Company sports tournaments are fantastic initiatives that foster camaraderie, teamwork, and employee engagement within an organization. Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc. company sports tournaments go beyond mere athletic competitions; they are valuable tools for promoting a healthy work-life balance, building relationships, and fostering a positive company culture.

  • Donation to Red Cross
Donation to Red Cross

Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc. proudly stands behind the Philippine Red Cross, an organization dedicated to an exclusive humanitarian mission, safeguarding the lives and dignity of those affected by calamities, armed conflict, and various forms of violence. Committed to this noble cause, the movement collaborates closely with governments, donors, and other aid organizations, uniting efforts to extend assistance and support to vulnerable individuals across the country.

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Care Facility Assistance

With Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc. Bayanihan, our employees generously donated in-kind items aimed at supporting the elderly and children. Offering assistance to care facilities represents an impactful avenue for giving back to the community. It ensures that those most in need receive the care, attention, and essential resources they rightfully deserve. Whether through financial contributions, volunteering time, or providing necessary resources, each and every contribution has a profound impact on the lives of elderly residents and those dedicated to their care.